Recommendations Gale - Meyer



Chip Dewing AIA, Dewing and Schmid Architects, Concord, MA

"I am delighted to say that our experience with Jack Gale and Gale-Meyer Builders was both successful and unusual. It was successful because Jack and his crew produced work of the highest quality and it was unusual because we had very limited involvement beyond the design and construction drawing phase of our services. Under some circumstances, this could result in an uncertain outcome but Gale-Meyer respectfully adhered to our design intent and made considerable contributions of their own along the way. They deserve much of the credit for the fine results. We hope to team up with them again."

Charlie Hay, Tappe Associates, Boston, MA, owner and architect

Charles Hay Recommendation"My wife and I feel fortunate to have had Gale – Meyer build our house in Essex. We were a particularly picky client as this was not only our house but I was also the Architect. Jack Gale and Pete Meyer were a pleasure to work with. They were helpful, pleasant and willing to communicate with us on a consistent basis. The quality of their work was high and in our case,they willingly executed a number of unusual details that were consistent with our vision for the house.

The project was completed within the schedule that they established and they were very effective at managing their sub-contractors, always an important aspect of any construction project. Finally, they collaborated with us before construction to establish a scope of work that would not exceed our limited budget and the final cost of the house fell within the preliminary estimate. We would recommend Jack and Pete for any project of any size or complexity."

Hans Pundt, owner

Gale Meyer"Having only a dream and very little money and almost about to buy a cheap prefab, I was introduced to Jack. My vision was to have a house that fit into the neighborhood and looked like it was there from the early times. I settled on a post and beam colonial saltbox.

In hindsight it was a tremendous undertaking. Not a flat site, all materials had to be brought up a slope, but all along Jack took care of everything. The timbers were hand cut in the back yard and assembled and stacked ready to be put together. Everything he did, he did with pride and precision. When the frame went up it produced a magnificent structure on the hill overlooking Bay View. (I left my new home six years later because I received housing at my job and during that time I rented the house to several families. Each one of the tenants always loved the house and the energy that came with it.)

My father who was a professor of architectural history at the University of Washington would include in his introductory lecture a slide show of the house that Jack built for me. My father knew quality when he saw it and he loved to talk about the house. Everyone who enters, loves our home that Jack created years ago.

Thank you Jack for the pride you have in your work and for the sanctuary you created for myself and my family."

Charles Crooks, architect, Jamaica Plain, MA

"A prospering relationship between a builder, the client/ owner and his or her architect is crucial to the success of building or renovating a home or business. Where the owners and their architect may have developed a vision of a home for their family or business, finally they are dependent on a good builder to bring the project to fruition. Both the owners and their architect ideally look for qualities of competence in a builder including fine craftsmanship, trust, economy, diligence and a certain inspired creativity in helping to find optimal solutions to design and construction issues whether in the planning stages or during the course of building the project. I will say unequivocally that in the 8 years or so I have had the pleasure of working on several projects with Jack, Peter and their associates, that they possess all of these desired qualities and more. For these reasons Gale – Meyer Builders are far and away my favorite builders and it is my understanding that all of our shared client/ owners would agree."

Erica Funkhouser, owner

Gale Meyet"I’ve known Jack for over 30 years, and I can whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled craftsman, a thoughtful designer and/or an ingenious problem-solver. He has supervised both remodeling and new construction at my own house, patiently and imaginatively helping us update an old New England farmhouse. Throughout many different projects over two decades, Jack helped us preserve the essential integrity of our house and its relationship to the land while allowing us to expand the space, make it more efficient and introduce more sunlight.

Jack is easy to work with, good at offering his own ideas to enhance (and reduce the cost of!) one’s own schemes, and always careful to let you know what’s coming next in any project. He and his crew are exceptional craftsmen – thoughtful, careful, reliable, respectful and a pleasure to have around the house.

No question is too small or too big for Jack. He’s got an excellent eye and can help you solve design questions. His carpentry work always looks and feels substantial, but it’s just as remarkable for its attention to detail."

Q & T Bent, owners

"Two years ago we decided that our beloved former summer cottage, winterized in 1977, needed an overhaul. It had become quite shabby over the years and lacked a few things we now wanted, like a proper entrance and front hall, storage, a larger porch...the list was long. We hired Pete and Jack, knowing it was a complicated job.....nothing was square, there was rot in the crawl space (no basement), floors tilted, roof lines were irregular (ours was an old house, buiilt in stages, small addition added onto small addition). We loved the "feel" of the house, the wood ceilings, crazy roof lines and cozy rooms. We didn't want to lose any of this but we wanted things to work. It was a big and complex job joining the new to the old, but they understood completely what we wanted and the result is better than we could have imagined. The workmanship is beautiful and the house has retained its unique quality. They are true experts. We also loved the fact that they are easy to work with, the people they hire are the best (and the nicest) and all costs were explained and itemized. Sometimes it's the little things that matter as well. When they left each evening, the workplace was clean as a whistle! Pete and Jack have years of experience between them and they have proven to us that they are the best."

Cai & Sally von Rumohr, owners

Gale Meyet"Jack & Pete’s workmanship was superb, particularly their attention to detail on finish items; and their ability to interpret and execute architect drawings was impressive. They were easy to work with and meticulous in their execution. They also continue to be highly responsive with follow through on items that crop up from time to time. We recommend them highly.“



James Bundy, owner

“Jack Gale came highly recommended and still exceeded my family's expections in a renovation project. He understood our priorities, and expertly directed our attention to areas that we might have missed without professional guidance. He was realistic about costs, managing them superbly throughout, and we found him reliable and responsive in every way. We would work with him again happily.”

Gregory Stark, owner, Stark and Cronk Plumbing and Heating, Groveland ,Ma

Gale/Meyer Builder’s customers appreciate their attention to detail. The trait is second nature to them and creates very happy customers.