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We are committed to environmentally friendly building and remodeling, using common sense while making thoughtful design and construction choices. We work with experts in the field of energy and conservation and have years of experience working on sensitive and fragile building sites.

In this age of high energy costs it has become accepted to incorporate practical amounts and types of insulation, high quality doors and windows and weathersealing products. The payback period is short and the benefits are apparent. Other choices are not as obvious or clear. We can present options and guide you through the choices that make sense based on your goals and budget.

Some of the factors we take into consideration:

  • Environmentally conscious design approaches, efficiency in form and materials
  • Sensitivity to the aesthetics and advantages of the site
  • Utilizing solar orientation to advantage, natural heating and cooling where practical
  • Use of naturally rot resistant lumber for vulnerable components and native and sustainably produced materials and forest products
  • Re-use when practical, recycling waste products - Minimizing waste, limiting material transportation distances and costs
  • Use of efficient, state of the art mechanical systems and appliances
  • Building for permanence and low maintenance
  • Maintaining a safe workplace for our crew
  • Building safe and healthy homes for our clients

We would be happy to work with you to develop a plan for a sensible and energy efficient home built around your green preferences.